B&C Technologies Washers and Dryers

A Cleaner World Commercial and Uniform Services started providing uniform and floor mat rental, restroom and restaurant supplies, and shop towels roughly nine years ago.  When they started operation, they had a single Wascomat EXSM 135 washer and Wascomat TD 135 dryer, and over time, they added several 80-135 lb. washers and dryers to handle growth.

Once again, they came to us seeking a solution for their rapid growth in volume which led to labor issues caused by loading and unloading traditional commercial washers and dryers.  After research and consideration, we recommended the B&C Technologies line of tilting 275 lb. soft mount washers and 325 lb. dryers.  This washer and dryer pair will handle their volume and provide overhead sling loading capabilities for both the washers and dryers as well as rear tilting of the dryers with auto open rear doors to dump the finished product into buggies or onto a conveyor for huge savings in both time and labor.

The washers also come with the following options:  direct-steam injection, two-way tilt for sling loading and unloading, hydraulic assist large door, water reuse drain, and water reuse inlet valve.  We will discuss water reuse draining in a future blog post. 

The dryers are fueled by natural gas and have a 1-way rear tilting option, pass through cylinder with rear auto opening door, rear skirt for unloading, a second temperature sensor for delicate items, a fire suppression system, and automatic fan cleaning. 

Tri-State Laundry Equipment is pleased to be able to offer and install this package for A Cleaner World Commercial and Uniform Services, which will allow them to grow their volume and improve labor costs well down the road.  To learn more about B&C Technologies equipment, other equipment Tri-State sells, or Tri-State’s installation and repair services, call 1-866-885-5218.  Watch for more equipment installation for A Cleaner World Commercial and Uniform Services in future blog posts.