Having the Proper Blow Down Piping for your Steam Boiler ?

All steam boilers, including our favorite brand Parker Boiler, require a daily blow down regiment to remove solids and sludge within both the boiler and water column.  Every brand and model have their preferred process, so be sure to consult with your representative or the manual before beginning.  But the one thing they all have in common is proper piping.

Proper Boiler  piping is incredibly important for safety and operational purposes, but it is also regulated by both state and federal code. 

Important Regulation Regarding Piping:

  • The piping for all blowdown lines should only be assembled with Schedule 80 pipe and fittings.
  • The blowdown piping cannot be reduced in size any smaller than the boiler’s blowdown tapping.
  • The valves must be sized to ASME Code, with two slow opening or one slow opening and one fast opening installed in series.
  • Regulations allow for piping two blow down lines from the same boiler if equipped to one main blowdown line as long as the pre-mentioned valves and installed in both tapings.
  • The code also requires a drain valve in the lowest point of the piping to provide a way to fully drain the boiler of water.
  • The blowdown piping should be piped into a blowdown separator or blowdown tank that separates the water to the sewer and the steam out of an exhaust pipe directed in a direction, preferably through the roof pointing to the sky.

Finally, consider these things when buying a blowdown separator or tank.  What is the local code for the maximum temperature of water discharged into the sewer system?  Will the inspector require a city water injection into your blowdown separator for cooling the water before entering the system?  Keep in mind that some tanks hold water from the previous blowdown to cool, so the city water for cooling isn’t required.  Finally, make sure that the separator or tank is ASME rated for the size and pressure of your boiler.

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