Preparing your Dry Cleaning and Laundry Equipment for Cold Weather

Sadly, it looks as if the warm weather is gone for good, and we are stuck with cold and even colder for several months.  Given the temperatures lately, I suspect you’re not wearing shorts and a t-shirt these days; so, just as you pull out warmer clothing to wear, you also need to think about keeping your laundry equipment warm and protected. 

Tips for Preparing Your Commercial Dry Cleaning Plant this Winter

  • Clean your exhaust fan louvers (if you have them) so when the fan is off, you’ll have a good seal to keep the cold air out.
  • Keep the propylene glycol content in your process chiller water tank at 15-20%; however, don’t exceed 20% because it will dramatically reduce the ability of the chiller to chill the water.I also recommend that you run the chiller pump even with 20% at 15° and below.
  • Place insulation around your boiler pressure controls and the tubing going to them.Tri-State does this on all Parker Boilers, and it helps a lot.For instance, we’ve seen a boiler running on low all night cut off to cycle and the pressure switch freeze causing the boiler not to restart.
  • Most boiler rooms are not heated, so be sure to keep the temperature high enough to prevent freezing.Even something as simple as a shop light hanging near by will do the trick.
  • Make sure all your outside duct and stack is secure, the caps are on, and the caps are in good condition to keep the weather out.
  • Finally, remember the one thing I always forget.Disconnect the garden hoses from the hose bib; I’m certain I’ve ruined at least 5 good hoses over the years.

These may seem like minor things, but they add up to help keep your operation running smoothly during the winter months.  Just ask anyone that’s had to thaw a piece of laundry equipment , a boiler room, or worst of all an entire plant.  It’s an unpleasant job. 

Feel free to call Tri-State at 866-885-5218, if you have any questions about caring for your operation during cold weather.