Properly Maintaining Your Dry-Cleaning Machine

The most important and the most expensive piece of equipment a dry cleaner owns is the dry-cleaning machine. Therefore, it’s important for an operator to properly maintain this piece of equipment, so he gets plenty of mileage out of it.  Today, we are going to focus on two simple but important areas – Air Flow and Solvent Flow.

Air Flow

Air Flow is critical to the function of the machine for both speedy and thorough drying and solvent recovery.  In order to achieve maximum air flow, an operator should do the following.

Ways to Achieve Maximum Air Flow:

  • Clean all air filters after each load.
  • Annually check and clean, if necessary, the coils that heat and cool the air.

Solvent Flow

Solvent Flow is also critical because the more solvent your machine pumps to the filter system and back to the wheel, the more dirt is removed from clothing and then suspended in the filter system.  

Important Maintenance Steps:

  • Clean the pump strainer, if equipped, after each load.
  • Clean the button trap lint filters after each load.
  • Run the spin disk regeneration program for every 500 – 700 pounds of clothes cleaned. 
  • Run two bath cycles which will dump dye and solids into the Still rather than the filters.
  • Change carbon filters for every 1,800 – 2,400 pounds of clothes cleaned.

We recommend these maintenance and machine operation procedures for all of our RealStar Dry Cleaning Machine customers, and they are also recommended by the chemical companies we work with within our industry.

If your dry-cleaning machine hasn’t received regular maintenance in a while or if you need assistance setting up a maintenance routine, please give Tri-State a call at 866-885-5218  or contact us online.