Sourcing Difficult to Find Dry Cleaning and Laundry Parts

At Tri-State Laundry Equipment, we take pride in our expansive inventory of dry cleaning and laundry parts, and as a result, most of our daily parts  requests are quickly resolved.  But on occasion, we will have a customer call looking for something that is so unusual or uncommon that even we don’t have it in stock.  These folks call on us because not only does Tri-State have an expansive parts inventory, they also know that Tri-State has cultivated long-lasting relationships with other distributors across the nation.  As a result, we use this network of companies and people with countless years of experience to locate these hard-to-find parts.

Not only do our customers rely on us to find hard-to-find parts, equipment manufacturers that we represent have their customers call on us for replacement parts on equipment where parts may no longer be available from the manufacturer. They know of our vast connections and fabricating capabilities.

When a Part  is Unobtainable

Even though we have a high success rate tracking down hard-to-find parts, there are times, however, when the part is simply unobtainable.  When this is the case, we break it down into two options.  First, we attempt to professionally fabricate a replacement part, which has been successful on numerous occasions.  Second, as a last resort, we will walk the customer through the process of purchasing new equipment.

If you have a need for a hard-to-find part, give Tri-State a call at 866-885-5218 or contact us online; we will do everything in our power to track it down.