Closing your Dry-Cleaning Business

Given the current climate with Covid-19 and all that goes along with it, we have found ourselves receiving numerous phone calls regarding dry-cleaners that need to close their doors.  It’s a difficult conversation, especially when most of these folks have been in this industry for years and have poured their heart, soul, and funds into a business that’s no longer viable to maintain.

After offering compassion and encouragement, I always suggest they try to find a competitor who may be interested in purchasing the entire business, all of the equipment, or a portion of the equipment. This makes the transition much easier, especially if the buyer arranges for proper equipment removal. 

If that is not an option and you need to move out for a new tenant, Tri-State Laundry Equipment suggests the following:

  • Pressing equipment
    Equipment should be unbolted, placed on custom pallets, and bolted to those pallets. In addition, press heads and bucks should be secured so they do not rotate, fall, or become damaged.
  • Solvent
    The solvent from the dry-cleaning machine should be drained and properly disposed; this also includes the filters. Be sure to check state and local environmental requirements for removing and reporting.
  • Drain the Boilers
    Completely drain the boilers and seal with closed valves. They also need to be properly crated for shipment, sale, or storage.
  • Piping
    All piping needs to be cut to manageable lengths and disposed properly.
  • Utilities
    Ensure all steam, air, water, and utilities are closed off and made safe. Check with your landlord to find out how they want these done because if they have to come in behind you to finish, it could be quite expensive.
  • Shipping
    If you are shipping the equipment, you need to make sure the wood crates are built to protect your equipment. Otherwise the freight company will likely not accept your items for shipping.

Tri-State Laundry Equipment buys, sells, removes, and stores late model used laundry equipment and used dry-cleaning equipment on consignment.  This type of work requires a particular set of tools, expertise, storage facility, and shipping connections, and Tri-State can guide you through this particularly difficult period.  Please call if we can help or contact us online with any questions.