Water Retention for Soft Mount Commercial Washing Machines

In last month’s blog, we talked about washer extraction speeds, especially as it relates to hard versus soft mount washing machines.  We concluded that soft mount washers are the best long-term option because they require fewer repairs and, most of all, they provide better results which translates to lower utility and production costs.

Soft Mount Washers Lead To Lower Costs Than Hard Mount Washers

How? Lots of folks only consider the cost of a washing machine when purchasing the item, but you also must take into consideration the machine’s cost over its lifetime of use.  Besides the lower repair costs and the ease of maintenance, there’s also this huge benefit – because of the machine’s g-force, more water is being squeezed from the clothes which requires less drying time, saving you in utility costs on every single load over the lifetime of the washer.

Click on this graph for an example: Water Retention Graph (5).pdf

As you see, we’re saving five minutes per dryer load extracting 350 g’s over 200 g’s, and that’s five minutes per load all day every day for the life of your washer.  A typical 75-pound gas dryer consumes approximately 140,000 BTU’s per hour, and there is 100,000 BTU’s in a therm of natural gas, which is how we pay for usage.  A dryer can consume 1.40 therms per hour, and I’ll let you do the rest of the math since the cost varies greatly on location.  You’ll save around 11,500 BTU’s for every load for the life of the soft mount washing machine (and don’t forget the lower repair costs too).  But the bottom line is that it’s a huge savings, and the reason purchasing a soft mount B&C Technologies, Electrolux, or Wascomat is a no-brainer. 

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