The Importance of Caring for Your Laundry Equipment’s Pads and Covers

The average dry-cleaning operator views the padding and covering of dry-cleaning equipment and laundry equipment as a pain-in-the-neck expense, but I couldn’t disagree more.  While it is an expense, it’s an important component when it comes to providing top-notch quality to your customers.  If you don’t care for or replace your laundry equipment’s pads and covers on a regular basis, here’s what you’ll experience:

  • Seam and button impressions
  • Moire patterns
  • Need for more frequent touch ups
  • Likely a few lost customers because of poor quality

Dry cleaners who believe in properly caring for their pads and covers have a different mindset; a mindset that focuses on providing the best quality for their customers.  These operators know that keeping pads and covers clean and changed out as needed is an integral part of providing that quality.  And sometimes, it doesn’t always have to involve purchasing new.  Sometimes a matter of changing the flannel base on a shirt pad and washing the cover can do the trick.  It’s all about being in-tune with your operation, paying close attention to your laundry or dry-cleaning equipment and the kind of quality it produces, and taking the time to make adjustments and changes when required.

Some operators are comfortable with purchasing and replacing pads and covers on their own; other operators like the convenience of having someone do it for them.  All pads and covers manufacturers that have salesmen in the field will change them out as part of their service.  If you’re getting them through a local supply company, you could ask them if they have someone to change them for you, if you prefer.

A new item on the market, silicone pads, is creating lots of buzz.  Word has it that they last much longer, and that leaves only the cover to be changed.  This new product touts a higher quality finish, fewer touch ups, longer life, better steam and vacuum, and no hardening. 

There are lots of options out there.  Sometimes you must test a few before you find the right fit for your commercial laundry business.  If you need help with pads and covers, call Tri-State for factory original pads for your laundry equipment.  We can keep your customers coming back for your quality work.