Items Neglected on an Air Compressor

Because most dry cleaning and laundry equipment has some pneumatic operations, having a properly functioning air compressor is vital in keeping your facility running properly.  Below are the top items, in no particular order of importance, that are typically neglected on most air compressors. Tri-State Laundry Equipment recommends that you set up a routine maintenance schedule for all your equipment and when you do, add these items to your list for your air compressor.  Be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications on your compressor to determine the frequency for each item listed below.

  1. Belt tension and condition – check to make sure the belt can travel freely and that it doesn’t have excessive wear or damage.
  2. Air intake filter – clean or change if it has an excessive buildup of dust and dirt.
  3. Oil and oil filter – just like with a car, you want to be sure you are using the proper oil and amount as well as change both the oil and filter regularly to keep your compressor running properly.
  4. Tank drained of water – this should be done daily because intake air has moisture in it, which settles at the bottom of the tank.
  5. Check for leaks – at the tank, pump, within the operation, and at the pressure switch.For more information on checking for leaks, check out this recent blog post.
  6. Tank outlet water separator and filter – check to see if needs to be cleaned or replaced.
  7. Mounting bolts – make sure they are tight to the floor and the pump is tight to the tank to avoid unnecessary vibration.
  8. Motor bearings – make sure they are properly greased, including the fittings at the ends.

One additional thought – if you don’t have an air refrigerated dryer, you should consider one sized for your air compressor’s CFM capacity. Dry air is a must for long life of pneumatic valves and cylinders and makes a big difference in the equipment’s reliability. Think about most repairs on your dry cleaning and laundry equipment, and I bet it is pneumatic valves being replaced or rebuilt which is mostly due to moisture and lubricant mixture; they just don’t work well together.

If you have questions or concerns about air compressors, please feel free to call Tri-State at 1-866-885-5218.