Calculating Hot Water Needs for a Commercial Laundry

When doing laundry at home, you place the clothes in the machine, add the detergent, select the cycle, select the water temperature – cold, warm, or hot – and then hit start.  You do what laundry needs to be done, and you aren’t super concerned with the costs associated with doing that laundry.  Sure, you try to be cost conscious by waiting to wash some items until there is a full load, and you wash as many loads as you can in cold water, but your priority is to make sure you family has what they need.  If it were only that easy in a commercial laundry; in fact, running a commercial laundry business that way will surely lead to waste and lower profits. 

That’s why commercial laundries use Hot Water Calculators to help determine how much hot water is needed based on machine size and volume.  Attached is a file to a hot water calculator for a commercial laundry that considers elevation, heat loss, and machine size using 2.50 gallons of water per pound as its standard. Keeping in mind that the starting temperature of ground water is usually 40-50° Fahrenheit, the desired temperature is entered, and the Delta T is the difference in the two.  Most of the time hot water systems are talked about in terms of rise being the Delta T. This calculator is set to figure that 70% of the wash is hot, which considers both splits and warm wash cycles.  The rule of thumb as far as storage tank capacity is concerned which is a necessity to keep volume of made up hot water is for storage to be 2/3 of the hourly capacity of hot water produced to temp. 

So, to help you calculate the hot water needed for your facility, we’ve attached a file with a completed sample.  Feel free to save this file and adjust the information to match your facility so that you can determine how much hot water you need.  And of course, we are here to answer any questions you might have about your hot water needs or commercial laundry equipment.  Just call us at 1-866-885-5218 or contact us through our website.

Hot water calculator.xlsx