Parker Boilers

Leading Distributor of Parker Boilers for Over 20 Years

Tri-State's relationship with Parker Boiler began in 2005 when we sold a used boiler to a long-time customer familiar with their industrial laundry equipment. At the time, we knew little about the company, so we met with their sales rep and quickly figured out we needed to be selling and servicing their products for our customers. Parker Boiler has been in business for over 75 years and has a reputation second to none. Not only are they known for producing a quality, safe, reliable, efficient, and low-maintenance product, their sales and service staff average 25 years of experience at Parker Boiler, and they know what the words 'outstanding service' mean.

 Parker Boiler manufactures a wide variety of boilers, heaters, and accessories including Steam Boilers up to 150 H.P., Hot Water Boilers up to 6800M BTU, Power Burner Hot Water Boilers up to 6250M BTU, Water Wall Hot Water Boilers up to 3120M BTU, Condensing Boilers up to 5443M BTU, Thermal Liquid Heaters up to 625M BTU, Hot Water Heaters up to 3000M BTU, Feedwater Return Systems for boilers up to 300HP, Deaerator Tanks up to 51,750 pounds per hour, controls, and accessories. 

Not only does Tri-State offer products from Parker Boiler, we also sell, service, and represent products from the fine foks at ADC Corp., B&C Technologies, Unipress, Sankosha, Electrolux, and Wascomat