B&C Technologies Commercial and Industrial Washers

Family-Owned Business Known for Their Durable Washers and Dryers 

The B & C stand for Bruce and Cowen, the families that both started B & C Technologies and still own it today. We discovered their products about 10 years go at The Clean Show. When a prison in Virginia contacted us about upgrading their equipment, we chose to install B & C's durable laundry equipment, and it has performed like a rock star.

There are two reasons we like B & C Technologies so much. First, because they are a family-owned company (like we are), they provide practical, personal, and down-to-earth service. Second their equipment is built both to last and to save money. As a bonus, their parts department is fully stocked. 

If you are interested in B & C's line up of standard or professional hardmount washers; professional, industrial, automatic, or barrier softmount washers; dryers or drying cabinets; ironing series; or finishing pieces, just give Tri-State Laundry equipment a call. Not only does Tri-State offer products from B & C Technologies, we also sell, service, and represent products from the fine folks at Sankosha, Wascomat, Electrolux, Unipress, American Dryer Corp., and Parker Boiler.