Used Commercial Washers

Used Wascomat Washers & Equipment


used commercial washersAre you starting a new coin laundry or in the market to replace existing machines? Used Wascomat washers offer the industry's best return on investment by providing savings in water and energy consumption and lower operating costs. Built to last, parts for used Wascomat washers are interchangeable with other Wascomat machines meaning ease of maintenance and long machine life. Your customers are looking for a coin laundry with quality wash results and an available mix of washer and dryer sizes. That's what you provide by supplying reliable used commercial washers. When you buy used Wascomat washers, you are investing in the future of your business.


Whether you're in the market to buy new or used commercial washers, remember that Tri-State Laundry's 55,000 square foot facility showcases an impressive inventory of new equipment, used equipment and parts for today's products as well as the hard-to-find parts for used commercial washers from years past. Some of the brand name washers that Tri-State Laundry sells and services include B&C Technologies, Milnor, Unimac as well as Wascomat. Since these are used commercial washers, inventory changes frequently. Come browse what's available at Tri-State Laundry Equipment for considerable cost savings.


Whether your laundry business is a start-up or well established, used Wascomat washers could mean significant cost savings to your bottom line. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on new and replacement equipment when good used Wascomat washers can save you money and buy more time with existing compatible equipment?


Top-loading and front-loading used commercial washers are available for you to choose from with many models geared for OPL or coin operation. You can choose from used commercial washers in good working condition that you can use once installed or choose models from among the older Wascomat, Maytag, Milnor, Unimac, or other brands that you can part out for repairing or refurbishing used commercial washers that you already have on hand.


By choosing used commercial washers that you can part out, you're being ecologically responsible as well as economical. Often, parts for used commercial washers become obsolete and the prices skyrocket since the manufacturer no longer has the parts in stock. Long ago, these used commercial washers would have gone to the landfill. Tri-State Laundry Equipment is doing its part to leave the smallest impact on Earth's ecological systems while helping you save time and money by warehousing older, used commercial washers.


At Tri-State our passion is laundry and dry cleaning equipment, sales, service, design, parts and installation. We strive to fulfill our customer's needs, ideas and dreams. Contact us today for any questions about your used commercial washers and laundry equipment needs.