Maintaining Commercial Laundry Equipment

Maintaining your Commercial Laundry Equipment

Maintaining your Commercial Laundry Equipment Whether you have Electrolux Commercial Laundry Equipment, Wasomat Commercial Laundry Equipment or any other brand, maintenance is the key to protecting your investment. Commercial washers / dryers are not cheap and everyone knows that they get heavily abused at co-op locations.

Tri-State laundry Equipment Co. makes self service laundry easy with only the best equipment available, but as with all machines with moving parts, if one does not maintain these, they will fail very quickly. "An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure" ... a tiny bit of maintenance equals cost savings $$$ in the long run!

Here are a few items to check on a regular basis ( Failure can lead to the 3 F's ... * = Failure ... ** = Floods ... *** = FIRE! ):
  • Filters, Filters, Filters * or ***
  • Hose couplings **
  • Belts *
  • Heating elements ***
  • Coin recepticles *
  • Levelers *
  • Water lines **
  • Inner workings ***

If you are in the need for commercial laundry parts for Electrolux, Wasomat or any device... Tri-State stocks a large supply of parts for all brands of Laundry and Dry Cleaning equipment. With parts you don't always have the part number or serial number and with other distributors you're dead in the water, but with Tri-State it's no problem. Our industry parts and service veterans can take your description and turn it into exactly the part that's keeping your machinery from operating properly or not operating at all. Not only do we understand parts we understand how they work and the intended function within your equipment, try asking the other parts guys what function the parts you're looking for play within your equipment.

At Tri-State our passion is laundry and dry cleaning equipment, sales, service, design, parts and installation, we live to fulfill our customer's needs, ideas and dreams. Commercial Laundry Equipment is our business, especially if you are in NC, SC or VA! Contact Us Today for any questions about your commercial laundry equipment needs.