Dryer Machine Maintenance Tips for Commercial Equipment

Dryer Machine Maintenance Tips for Commercial Equipment

Keeping your coin operated laundry equipment clean is only one part of the tasks necessary for running your business smoothly. People will choose a Laundromat they know to have working washers and dryers. Always have broken or out of order machines repaired as quickly as possible to prevent your new and regular customers from finding another Laundromat to wash and dry their clothing.

Here are a few dryer machine maintenance tips to help keep your machines in good working condition.

Daily Machine Maintenance:

  • Clean the lint compartment daily. You may even wish to clean the filter several times per day if there is especially heavy use, such as a Saturday.
  • Look for foreign objects trapped in the lint filter. Objects such as dryer sheets can prevent proper air flow, costing the customer more to dry the same amount of laundry as the week before. Plus, the buildup of lint in the filter increases the risk of a fire hazard.
  • Wipe down the interior of the drum with a soft cloth to be sure no unwanted residue is attached. Not all customers check the pockets of clothing before putting them through the washer and dryer so the potential for melted gum, crayons, lipstick, and chapstick adhering to the drum is always a possibility. These can transfer to the next customer's clothing during the dry cycle.

Monthly Laundry Equipment Upkeep:

  • Check the dryer exhaust duct for lint and other debris that made it past the filter.
  • Vacuum the exhaust duct monthly to maintain proper air flow and minimize the potential for a fire hazard.

Annual Washer and Dryer Checkups:

  • Check the dryer belts for cracks and replace those showing wear and tear.
  • Clean the tumbler once each year.
  • Check the outside weather hood and ensure the dampers are working properly. Have the dampers cleaned annually by a professional.

Should you ever need to replace a coin operated dryer, Tri-State Laundry can provide you with quality, used laundry equipment that will last for years with a much lower investment than a new machine. Contact us today for help in locating and obtaining used laundry equipment.