Commercial Boiler Problems

The Seven Most Common Problems With Commercial Boilers

Whether your business is dry cleaning or commercial laundry service, the boiler is your source for hot water. When it goes on the blink, your business could be crippled until the boiler is repaired or replaced. So how can you tell if the boiler needs maintenance? Here are seven of the most common problems with boilers to help you know it’s time for service.

  1. Your boiler hasn’t been serviced in more than a year. Regular maintenance is less expensive than buying and installing a new or used commercial boiler – especially if your business has to be closed during that time.
  2. Slow build or loss of pressure. The steam pressure should stay constant within high and low set points if you expect the boiler to work at optimum capacity. Pressure loss is most commonly caused by steam leakage, some of which you may not be able to see. Loss of pressure can also mean that there are problems with the return system such as steam traps, check valve or feed pumps.
  3. Water leaks are another sign that issues are imminent. Even if there is no water dripping around the perimeter, steam leaks can be forced out of the stack.
  4. Blockages, such as scale build up, can cause a loss heat transfer thus increasing utility costs. at many places in the system. Blockages are best remedied by a service technician.
  5. Strange noises – knocking, whistling, or gurgling - coming from the boiler can indicate that there is air in the system, the water pressure is too low, or there is lime scale buildup on the boiler’s heat exchange. Proper gas pressure and gas piping are important and should be checked along with proper flame, air intake and exhaust.
  6. Water and safety probes can degenerate or become scale coated and turn the boiler off and on when it shouldn’t. Keep the boiler, but have a service technician clean or replace the probes.
  7. If the boiler switches off, the problem could be a pressure loss, a thermostat on the fritz, a blocked valve, or the pump isn’t pushing water through the system appropriately. 

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