Why to Choose Used Laundry Equipment vs. New

Why to Choose Used Laundry Equipment vs. New Laundry Equipment

If you're in the market for coin laundry equipment or dry cleaning equipment, read below for the benefits of choosing high quality used products versus new.

  1. Used laundry equipment can save you hundreds of dollars over the price of purchasing new. That means more money can be saved or spent on other necessary items such as staffing, marketing, insurances, etc.
  2. Used laundry equipment can last several years before it needs to be replaced. At Tri-State, we obtain high quality used laundry equipment that we refurbish as well as obtaining parts and components that can be used to repair a variety of machines. Those parts combined with our network of parts vendors mean it could be years before the used equipment you purchased from us will be obsolete.
  3. If you are in the market for coin laundry equipment, used coin operated equipment can be just as reliable and durable as new. At Tri-State, we reveal the type of work that's been done to restore every piece of used equipment to peak physical and functional condition. We like for our used equipment to look new again, too, so that you or your customers can tell the difference.
  4. Have you been put on notice that your old boiler could go at any time? You certainly can't get by without it but perhaps you're not in a financial position to replace it with a new one. A used boiler refurbished by Tri-State could provide you with all the hot water you need to keep your laundry operating in the black well into the future.
  5. Are you considering adding dry cleaning services but can't afford to purchase brand new equipment? Consider purchasing high quality used dry cleaning equipment. Used equipment is as clean, reliable, and efficient as the more expensive choice.

Tri-State Laundry Equipment thoroughly inspects every piece of used equipment that we obtain, replacing the worn-out parts that get the equipment running in tip-top condition once again. With a 90-day parts-only guarantee on every piece of used laundry equipment that we sell, we help make owning and operating your laundry and/or dry cleaning business lucrative and affordable.

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