TheAD-78 is the only full 75-lb capacity dryer that can easily fit througha standard 36" door. With an ultra-shallow depth of just 34 inches and awide basket for superior tumbling action, the
AD-78 is the perfect fit for high-volume laundry applications.


Drying Performance: The largestdiameter tumbler of any 75-lb dryer, this machine offers tremendous"drop" of the load. Drop creates separation of the load and allows thewarm air to evenly pass through the load ensuring peak performance. Anadded benefit is that this is the only 75-lb dryer to fit through astandard 36" door.

Fewer Operator Errors: ADCincorporates a state-of-the-art microprocessor control that providessimple and accurate operation. Automatic drying programs take theguesswork out of cycle selection and avoid wasting energy byautomatically shutting the dryer off when the load is dry. For optimalperformance the control also prompts the operator to clean lint screenwhen necessary .

Durability: Built on the sameplatform as the 120-lb capacity machine, this machine incorporates arugged trunnion and bearing assembly that supports the basket.


  • Only 75-lb dryer to fit through a 36" door
  • Self diagnostic microprocessor with patented auto drying feature
  • 204,000 Btu/hr heat input, 1,200 cfm airflow
  • Easy to clean lint filter
  • Available in coin or on-premise
  • Reversing basket available
  • S.A.F.E. feature available as an option

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