Electrolux Soft Mount Barrier Washer Extractor

Electrolux WB4130H Soft Mount Barrier Washer Extractor

  • Extremely Low water Consumption
  • Clarus Control Fully Programmable Micro Processor With Programming from Key Pad or Via Memory card.
  • 220 Volt 1-Ph
  • Inverter Driven Motor for Quite Operation and High Efficiency
  • Soft-Grip Door Lock Handle, Durable in any Environment
  • Unique 4-Compartment Supply Dispenser, Load All Supplies Before Starting Wash.
  • Compass Control Features-Custom Wash programs to Lower Cost and Increase Productivity, Display Only the Programs You Use, Built-In Diagnostics and Statistics.
  • SuperBalance Guarantees the Correct Extraction Force.
  • Loading Door Either on the Right or Left Side of washer
  • Perfect for Medical Labs, Medical Offices, Surgical Offices

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