Used Dry Cleaning Equipment

Purchasing used dry cleaning equipment for your business means significant cost savings to your bottom line. If you are going into the dry cleaning business or are a well-established mat, you’ll save money by purchasing good equipment such as used dry cleaning presses. TriState Laundry Equipment offers name brand equipment that is reconditioned to work like-new. These machines will help you get the job done faster, more efficiently and at a much lower cost.


Whether you need used dry cleaning presses, commercial washers, dryers, boilers, utility presses, form finishers, pants toppers, collar/cuff presses, sleeve presses, leg presses, Unipresses, or other specialty machines, we have a vast inventory of used dry cleaning equipment at TriState Laundry. Dry cleaning and laundry services in up-and-coming neighborhoods and busy locations are lucrative businesses, especially when your customer base consists of patrons whose employment demands business attire. With overhead such as equipment costs and maintenance kept to a minimum, you could profit as much as 20%.


Good used dry cleaning equipment never looked so good!

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