New Coin Operated Laundry Equipment

For new coin laundry equipment in NC and SC, look to Tri-State Laundry Equipment for the best brands in the marketplace. We feature American Dryer Corporation and Wascomat machines - coin laundry equipment that withstands years of continual use and makes changing parts a breeze. Choose from heavy duty double-stack or single-stack dryers and single-stack front-loading washing machines with the coin or card feature that your patrons will appreciate.

Our new coin-operated laundry equipment provides your customers with ease of operation, wide doors to simplify loading and unloading, quiet operation, and high efficiency so that more clothes get washed, faster. Repeat business makes your coin laundry business profitable, especially when your machines are fast and reliable.

Get washers and dryers that are the fastest in the industry yet consume the least amount of resources – electric, water, and gas –saving you money in utility bills. Coin-operated laundry equipment is built with interchangeable parts that are quickly accessible and makes maintenance an easy task.

Contact Tri-State Laundry Equipment before you buy coin laundry equipment in NC and SC and let us help you choose the best for your business and your budget.

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