Used Commercial Laundry Equipment

Whether your business is a start-up or a growing company, used commercial laundry equipment could mean significant cost savings to your bottom line. Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on new and replacement equipment when good used commercial laundry equipment can save you money and buy more time with existing compatible equipment? If you need washing machines, hot water heaters, dryers, dry cleaning or any other used commercial laundry equipment browse what's available at TriState Laundry Equipment for considerable cost savings.

 Some of the brands and products that we typically list include Wascomat washers, WascoDry dryers, Maytag top and front load washers, Milnor front load washers, Speed Queen washers and dryers, ADC gas dryers, Kleen Rite, Forenta Collar Form, Satec Dry Cleaning Machine, as well as RealStar, Parker Boiler, Fulton, Rema, Burks, Unipress, and Electrolux.

 Laundry Equipment Used

Tri-State Laundry evaluates the physical and functional condition of each item we obtain. We will repair the equipment to make sure it looks and works in peak condition. We fully disclose what repair work has been made to each piece of equipment and we also offer a 90 day parts only warranty on most pieces of equipment we sell. If you are not satisfied, we will work to make it right.

 Also, as with any other previously owned product, each is one-of-a-kind, has limited quantities and can sell out quickly. This is the same with used commercial laundry equipment. Laundry equipment that is used can bring significant savings and if the equipment is needed, you should act quickly.

 Contact us as soon as you have an interest in any of our used commercial laundry equipment for the best deals available today.

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